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The Official White Paper of World of Fairy.

Note: The information provided by this website should not be construed as investment or financial advice. The tokens and NFTs involved in this website are only traded on decentralized platforms and their value as collectibles does not have general currency attributes. You can experience our content without purchasing any tokens related to "World of Fairy".


"World of Fairy" is a web3.0 game deployed on the Polygon network. We follow the principles of web3.0 to create this world from scratch. Together, we will create an internet world that belongs to us, like creators. You will immerse yourself in the fun of creating, building, managing, and exploring different modes. All of this will be fully owned by you through the blockchain, and has a certain value attribute.

We will constantly take suggestions from the community to make this world become what the community wants it to be. You may see that it operates differently from the real world, with unique elements of the scene, beyond human magic and much more. In this world, anything is possible as long as it meets the needs of our community and is beneficial for the long-term stability of "World of Fairy". The demands of the community will be met in the game. We are honored to build this world together with all of you!

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